At Spainker, we manufacture fl oor and wall tiles with the aim of off ering a genuine product to our customers. Our heritage has allowed us to grow and evolve in the Spanish ceramic industry, reaching customers in more than 100 countries. The experience is for us the strong foundation of quality and responsibility on which the Spainker brand has grown, a source of both recognition and learning that we are proud of.

It is to transmit our passion for ceramics to our customers, through unique products, which contribute to the habitat security values for their quality and diff erentiation for their development. Multipurpose products, and excellent in terms of design that remain enduring over time, both for its style and its richness in details.

In order to always off er the highest quality products and design to the market, Spainker has understood innovation and investment in technology as part of its DNA. Always at the forefront of the latest research and techniques, our products are characterized by always providing a detail beyond conventionalism. At Spainker we work every day investigating and applying new techniques that allow us to off er a diff erentiated product of the highest quality to our customers.


With the aim of establishing the company as an environmentaly-committed reference within the ceramic industry, all of Spainker’s production processes incorporate the measures necessary to protect our surroundings. The integrated environmental authorisation granted to Spainker is aimed at preventing, reducing and controling the pollution of the atmosphere, water and land through the establishment of an integrated prevention and control system that impedes the deterioration of our natural environment. In turn, the processes involved in the design, manufacture, distribution and commercilisation of ceramic wall and fl oor tiles have had ISO 14001 environmental certifi cation since 2004.