Ibiza is the essence of one of the most classic and prestigious Italian marbles. It represents the purity through soft tones of great sculptural value. The beauty of this natural stones is faithfully represented in this design. It is identified by the subtle, strong and simple continuity. This collection is created in porcelain stoneware, due to the characteristics of this material it can be installed in wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, or in the noble ones such as the living room or hall. A customer will be able to select this material in a wide range of sizes, making it suitable for all the different needs in the project.

Glazed Porcelain size
Floor tile Random Rectified Spacer Surface matt polish Surface polish Transit residential V2
Formato 80x160 80x160
Formato 60x120 60x120
Formato 120x120 120x120
Formato 95x95 95x95
Formato 80x80 80x80
Formato 60x60 60x60
Glazed Porcelain