Immer is inspired in a widely know marble such as Pietra Grey, which has its origins in the Iranian masonry. A style of beauty interpreted in a chromatic range of three gray shades available in alternative formats. Both matt and polish finishes transmit elegance and naturalness. With formats for both floor and walls and completed with its decor pieces, Immer becomes a very rewarding and resourceful collection. A perfect synthesis between purity, tradition and modernity to create a cozy and wraparound atmosphere.

Glazed Porcelain size
Floor tile Random Rectified Spacer Surface polish Transit residential V2
Formato 95x95 95x95
Formato 80x80 80x80
Wall Tile size
Random Wall tile Rectified Spacer Surface glossy Surface structured V2
Formato 30x90 90x30
Floor Tiles Combination size
Floor tile Random Rectified Spacer Surface matt Transit high V2
Formato 60x60 60x60
Formato 30x30 30x30
Mosaic size
Wall tile Mosaic Random Surface glossy V2
Mosaico Immer 25x25 25x25