Rodas embodies the subtlety of marble through its grains elegance, showing an intertwined game between the chiaroscuro being presented in matt and polish finish and with a distinguished shade that characterizes it. This collection transmits great strength and a balance full of differences in its shades. Due to the features of the ceramic, the design has been developed mixing a ver luxury material with a leaning texture resulting on a very mordern yet worldly material. It is the perfect synthesis that provides delicacy to the spaces in which it is applicated, due to the extraordinary variety of nature and a productive, very advanced and up to date technology.

Glazed Porcelain size
Porcelain tile Floor tile Wall tile Random Rectified Spacer Surface matt Surface polish Transit residential Transit high V2
Formato 80x160 80x160
Formato 80x80 80x80
Formato 95x95 95x95
Formato 60x120 60x120
Formato 120x120 120x120
Glazed Porcelain